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Paul Frederick Marsh is a Yorkshire born Artist, now living and working in Norfolk,UK.

His works is composed mainly of portraits and figures focusing on introspective moments, snippets and moments of character when the subject is not aware of the viewer. Using multiple found source material, often discarded by their original owners, a form of voyeurism is implied. As if we are intruding on a moment to which we have not been invited giving a slight niggle of discomfort. The portraits evolve over time into new persona who are consistently ambiguous and abstract, giving the viewer the opportunity to create their own narrative, making each piece uniquely personal.

       Paul's work uses the full spectrum of artistic mediums from oil to watercolour, charcoal to pastel pencil, also incorporating found objects such as cotton thread and wax. Often his works are created on found surfaces or surfaces created with multiple layers of found material layered one on top of another giving the completed work a fragmented and complex surface illustrating the potential persona of the subject. Combining this with a rich variety of surface marks gives a balance between distraction and clarity. The final images can be found to be rich, dislocating and melancholy.

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Up and Coming shows 2022

'Humans, Strength and Frailty',March-May. Yare Gallery, Great Yarmouth.

'Spring Art Show', 6th-10th April, The Forum, Norwich.

Summer Art Show, Yare Gallery, Aug - September.

Feb-June. Selected works. The Art House, Kingston upon Hull.

June. The (Belated) Spring Art Show (Group Show). Norwich.


April. The Art of Norwich 56 (Group Show). St Margarets Church of Art. Norwich.
May. The Norwich Spring Art Show (Group Show), The Forum, Norwich.

April. Norwich Spring Art show (Group Show). The Forum, Norwich.


May. Contemporary art Duo and guests, group show. St Margaretschurch of Art, Norwich.

Feb.Your ART Here, Fountain Street Fine Art Gallery, Framingham, MA

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